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The Best Minimalist Home Architect in Indonesia

The Best Minimalist Home Architect in Indonesia

The Best Minimalist Home Are you looking for a minimalist home architect who is famous for his works? Come on, just look at the recommendations in this article! Minimalist residential design has become a popular home concept in recent years. The reason is, in a minimalist design, the architecture of the building only uses the most basic needs.

Minimalism in architecture also emphasizes things that are essential and functional. Geometric shapes and no decorations characterize minimalist architecture. Well, in its manufacture also requires special skills that are often done by architects.

In Indonesia, there are a number of architects who produce minimalist homes in various regions. Here Indonesia presents a collection of minimalist home architects for you to make reference.

Minimalist Home Architects in Indonesia

The Best Minimalist Home Architect in Indonesia


DFORM is an architect consultant who often makes minimalist homes for his clients. Through an architectural approach and philosophy, DFORM optimizes the power of social media and technology, combines ideas and transforms them into fantastic and functional products.

Indra Tata Adilaras

Indra Tata is the best minimalist house architect who has made spectacular works, such as the White Box House. The residence is a minimalist house that is very out of the box because the shape is purely square, only cut a little for the terrace.

SPOA Architecture

SPOA Architecture is an industrial minimalist house architect firm that is famous for its redu house concept. They are known to be able to build houses without spending a lot of money and also being able to reduce the construction elements used.


Andra Matin is known as a clean and modern minimalist house architecture. Andramatin’s work is a constant reflection of contemporary traditional values, which are based on its context and sensitivity to the environment.

Cosmas Gozali

The characteristics of the work of Cosmas are the repetition of vertical lines in the building of the house and also the shape of the house is composed with a simple geometric mass. With a shape like that, it makes a minimalist home look aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

AAND Company

This architect is known for creating AMULAR Home, a minimalist home product with a modular concept or buildings formed through modules.

Real Estate Photography Tricks in the Night

Real Estate Photography Tricks

It’s very present with taking images of real estate each morning, but what about Real Estate Photography Tricks at night, can they also provide you with that very same quality of images that are a photoshoot each morning?

Here are the real estate photography methods at night:

Creative ideas for a real estate photo shoot with people

Normally, people during the photoshoot will often hinder. However when it’s a night photo shoot, then your crowds may possibly add variety with a particular charm. Once the individuals are just stationary, they’ll be utilized by the photographers as “silhouettes”. However for some photoshoots, the individuals are moving once the shutter speeds are about 1/4-1/2 seconds, you’ll get the interesting results of “creative blur” that emphasizes movement.

Real Estate Photography Tricks

What is the ISO Better?

The ISO selection will depend on the kind of night shot when you wish to do. For the urban scenes with the slow shutter speed, if you are using the tripod, you may choose the ISO 100-200. It can assist to decrease the level of noise and to preserve the maximum details. When you rent a thing, even in the evening it will require relatively little exposure, use a maximum ISO in which the camera produces pictures with the best quality. In addition, always remember that the very long exposure will lead to the heating of a matrix camera, and it will lead to important noise even with the ISO small.

Time for Real Estate Night Photography

Should you consider real estate night photography tips, it’s also wise to consider time. Different occasions will help you to have different effects. Oddly, the best here we are at the night time photography won’t continually be fundamentally from the night. On occasions interesting shots are going to be in the evening when the night lighting is already burning, however, the skies continue to be dark. The electrical and balanced mixture of natural lighting will let you create that actually unique picture. The late into the evening photo shoot could make you to unlikely capture individuals’ beautiful clouds, although at night it’s fairly simple.

White Balance for the Real Estate Night Photography

When you’re using auto white-colored balance, your camera will have that cruel joke, because, at night, it is only difficult to choose what white-colored balance is proper. To get well informed within an outcome, make use of a manual balance. Real Estate Photography Tricks You can test at setting “cloudy” when you want to capture the yellow-colored, warmer image or even the “artificial lights” to obtain that cooler property picture.’

Motion Blur Pictures

The course of images using the “blurred movement” can also be able to rework an image in a different. It’s also simple to do this when shooting at night, tripod with lengthy exposure. Try also shooting the home using the street after which separate the glow in the front lights from the passing vehicle that uses fire as well as the lights in the river outside.

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